ZTE Corporation has released the 5G core (5GC) auto-integration solution, which is based on the company’s  auto-integration centre (AIC). The solution can achieve network functions virtualisation (NFV) integrated exchange-to-exchange (E2E) delivery in 5GC with “zero intervention”. It provides a portfolio of E2E one-stop services including planning and design, verification, test design, integration deployment and testing of 5GC network. In addition, it provides OpenLab and pre-integration work flow, which enables operators to spend less on network construction. More­over, this solution provides the customer with customised real-time integration design. It also automatically produces specific design documentation for 5GC network integration. It can perform E2E fully-silent integration deployment and simultaneously perform the whole process of auto-verification by importing the documentation into the integration deployment tool on site, thereby reducing 5GC deployment and verification.

Meanwhile, the ZTE 5GC Auto-Integration Solution introduces a cloud experience model, which enables real-time 5GC network integration planning and pre-integration verification on de­mand on the cloud, thereby making the application scenario, the sele­ction and the deployment of network element (NE) more convenient and flexible.