Cambium Networks has unveiled the cnMatrix en­terprise switches. These switches enable policy-ba­sed automation, auto policy wipe, network segmentation, wireless segmentation, wire­less aw­areness, site survival and cloud management. The key features are:

  • Policy-based automation: The ability to profile devices and automatically configure the switch port based on the defined policy for the device type.
  • Auto policy wipe: Helps in improving security by automatically wiping out dynamic port configuration when the device disconnects.
  • Network segmentation: Provides a secure environment for critical network resources by automatically placing devices, on the basis of their profiles, in the appropriate network segment.
  • Wireless aware: Enables policy automation, easy monitoring and troubleshooting across unified wired or wireless networks
  • Site survivability: The mirrored operating parameters enable full operation when connectivity to the cloud is lost.
  • Cloud management: cnMaestro’s free cloud-based management platform provides rich life cycle management, configuration and control, and security services, which can be made available with on-premises deployment options.