Huawei has released the long term evolution (LTE) 4T6S solution. It uses four innovative technologies such as next-generation ultra-wideband multi-beam antennas, high-power dual-band 4T4R remote radio units (RRUs), performance optimisation al­go­rithms for overlapping areas, and an intelligent planning tool.

The solution helps in enhancing network capacity on multiple frequency bands. In addition, it plays a big part in building effective and simple sites, as it supports frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD) co-site and co-antenna deployment.

The solution uses Huawei’s patented antenna array technology, which suppresses inter-beam interference. Also, an adaptive feedback system enables optimal multiband performance in the 1.8-2.6 GHz range. A revolutionary series of antenna products is provided to integrate low frequency ports and simplify sites, mee­ting deployment requirements across diverse scenarios.

Apart from this, the 4T6S 2.0 can be deployed on both the 1.8 GHz and 2.1 GHz frequency bands by using high-power dual-band 4T4R RRUs, thereby improving network coverage and user experience. Moreover, with wideband integrated power amplifier technology, software configuration can be used to enable power sharing between different bands and RATs, which, in turn, helps in improving the user experience at the cell edge. Further, the introduction of performance optimisation algorithms improves user experience in overlapping areas by more than 10 per cent and the overall site planning efficiency also in­cre­ases significantly.

Finally, the planning tool ensures a more intelligent and efficient optimisation of sector azimuths and traffic distribution. This tool supports a quick batch selection of sites that are suitable for deploying 4T6S and also offers azimuth optimisation advice by using intelligent algorithms to achieve best performance. The co­m­bined efforts help in significantly increasing overall site planning efficiency.