With unexpected surge in bandwidth demand, operators worldwide are accelerating the deployment of high speed optical ­technologies from the access to the core. Many of these technologies, like 400G, need industrial collaboration to become standardised. To this end, Viavi Solutions displayed test solutions for optical networks at the ECOC 2016 event. It also announced advancements in 100G, 400G and other high speed optical network technologies in collaboration with Finisar, Inphi, Ixia and others.

The products showcased by the company include the 400G Viavi optical network tester, which is the first of its kind to offer 400G support for forward error correction and PAM4 modulation. It is a high speed network ecosystem with an integrated platform for design, development and validation of 400G ­technologies, including CFP8 pluggable 400G optics. The ­company also showcased the OSA-710 Pol-Mux optical spectrum analyser (OSA), which is reportedly the first OSA functioning in the in-band optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) measurement on coherent systems using polarisation multiplexing transmission formats, without shutting down the network or individual channels. In addition, the MTS/T-BERD 5800-100G field tester, which was showcased, is the smallest dual-port, multiprotocol 100G tester. It is reportedly used to check the bit error rate on any line rate to 100G and characterise fibre with a single instrument.