Brocade has launched the Ruckus Cloudpath ES 5.0 software, which enhances the existing bring your own device (BYOD) onboarding capabilities to create a complete integrated security and policy management platform. The software enables small and large information technology (IT) organisations to establish secure, policy-based access to wired and wireless devices.

The rise of a more mobile workforce has mandated companies to adopt robust BYOD programmes to ensure productivity within and outside the workplace. However, many organisations, especially those with small IT departments, still struggle to secure device connections to the network. To this end, the new software seeks to deliver a solution that not only enables the mobile workforce to access the network on their devices but also provides enterprise-level security. In addition, many companies expect frictionless BYOD and a common wireless-wired policy and security experience. However, the current IT set-up is often unable to deliver on those expectations due to the inherent complexity of modern security infrastructure. The Cloudpath software, however, helps simplify the deployment of enterprise-grade security for IT teams.

The features and benefits of Cloudpath ES 5.0 software are as follows:

  • Strong security and centralised policy management: The Cloudpath software provides a simplified public key infrastructure while using industry-standard x.509 digital certificates and granular policy assignment.
  • Faster and better end-user experience: It takes users around 10 seconds to connect each of their devices. In addition, users do not need to remember passwords or re-login when they move from one network to another.
  • Lower operating expense and product licensing cost: The software has unique user-based licensing, which enables better network planning and keeps costs under control as the number of devices per person increases.
  • Integration with existing infrastructure: The Cloudpath software works with the existing wired and wireless access networks, network security firewalls, client operating systems and other common methods of ensuring security compliance.
  • Tight integration with Brocade ICX switches: The software can be configured to push policies dynamically with RADIUS Change of Authorization and perform web authentication for wired clients.

According to Brocade, the Cloudpath software addresses the challenges faced by IT organisations by delivering better security at a lower price. In addition, Cloudpath works with the existing infrastructure, thus eliminating the need to purchase new, expensive and complex dedicated security appliances.