Anritsu has launched a comprehensive front haul test solution that ensures proper installation and functioning of long term evolution (LTE) networks. The new common public radio interface (CPRI) RF module can be installed in the Anritsu Network Master Pro MT1000A. It allows wireless carrier engineers as well as technicians responsible for optical fibre testing to solve interference and passive intermodulation issues for accurate and efficient LTE CPRI testing, and verification of the latest generation of tower-mounted radios, that is, remote radio heads (RRHs).

The CPRI RF module, when equipped with the Network Master Pro MT1000A, has a higher sweep speed, allowing it to conduct measurements up to 10 times faster than hand-held test solutions. This enables users to capture all interfering signals, including intermittent signals missed by current alternatives. The module also incorporates a spectrogram tune and zoom feature that allows users to zoom in on the area of interest to get detailed information for better identification of an interfering signal’s origin.

The new module also provides support to all leading RRH radios. Further, it allows the Network Master Pro MT1000A to conduct RF-based LTE measurements over a fibre optic CPRI link at the ground level, eliminating the time-consuming and costly process of climbing a tower. The module has been designed with two small form factor pluggable (SFP) ports, which allow CPRI spectrum, CPRI spectrogram, SFP data, as well as CPRI layer 2 alarms, and optical power measurements to be made.

The module features a preconfigured network element manufacturer’s set-up to simplify the conduction of RF measurements as compared to CPRI as this reduces the test set-up time and has a lower possibility of errors for greater measurement confidence. Anritsu is also offering a single-mode optical tap accessory and a combination of single-mode and multimode 50 µm optical tap accessories as a part of the solution. In addition, SFP port matching the connected CPRI link rate and optical cables are being offered.