The first phase of NTT’s hyperscale hub in Kolkata is expected to be operational within the next six months from March 2024, as the company aims to bolster its national capacity to 400 MW in the next four years. The company added that it would like to collaborate with the government of West Bengal on data centres and services around it including in artificial intelligence.

According to NTT, the initial proposed IT load capacity for the data centre in the first phase will be of 6 MW. The company has the potential to ramp up its IT load capacity to 25 MW in the coming 12-18 months, which will depend on the demand then. NTT has currently installed a total capacity of 200 MW in 16 data centres spread across India, which is expected to be doubled in the next four years with the growing demand for data centres from various sectors including cloud services, e-commerce, gaming, public services etc.

Meanwhile, the company added that Kolkata hub has the investment potential of Rs 20 billion. NTT is currently implementing $2.5 billion capex for new data centres at the national level.