NTT Limited and Qualcomm have partnered to invest in and accelerate the development of the 5G ecosystem to promote private 5G adoption, which will in turn accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge.

Under a multi-year agreement, the two companies will prioritise the development of 5G-enabled devices in order to accelerate innovation with global enterprise customers, which will serve as a catalyst for increasing widespread enterprise adoption of private 5G.

According to NTT and Qualcomm, they will pool their expertise to address the need for 5G-enabled devices that support use-cases such as push-to-talk, augmented reality (AR), computer vision cameras, and sensors at the edge in the manufacturing, automotive, logistics, and other industries.

Further, both companies will also work together to deliver 5G-ready devices with Qualcomm’s 5G chipsets to improve AI at the edge through various applications such as image recognition, with capabilities ranging from counting items and identifying object characteristics to verifying workers wearing safety masks or personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, using NTT’s edge-as-a-service (EaaS) to deploy AI applications will help organisations with workplace safety, optimisation, and security.