Keysight Technologies has released the PCIe 5.0 test solution. This comprehensive transmitter and receiver testing solution provides the speed and margins needed to meet the Peripheral Com­ponent Interconnect (PCI) Express 5.0 Technology (PCIe Gen5) standard. This solution enables engineers with the tools necessary to achieve the speed and margins required to meet the PCIe 5G standard, with upgradability for future investment protection. The PCI Express 5.0 technology is required for computer servers to support the bandwidth of 400G networks as it is the only significant input/output (I/O) interconnect that has the throughput ne­cessary to support the 400G interface.

The solution also enables the design and validation of circuits capable of tolerating significantly attenuated signals at 32 GT/s. In addition, it utilises aggressive equalisation techniques to help the receiver in restoring the quality of the transmitted signal. This would, in turn, allow error-free recovery of the digital information from the PCIe Tx signal.

Keysight Technologies has also introduced the double data rate (DDR) 5.0 test solution. This solution includes new receiver, transmitter and protocol test solutions. It will enable it to perform all test requirements in the DDR5 design specification.

The complete test solution includes transmit to receiver software along with test fixtures that provide a comprehensive parametric test suite to fully test and characterise DDR5 designs. The new receiver and transmitter test solution also includes high performance M8040A 64 Gbaud High-performance BERT and Infiniium UXR-Series Real-Time Oscilloscope hardware with the lowest noise and jitter floor to allow the most accurate measurement with the highest margins.