Viavi Solutions has launched the CellAdvisor 5G, a new base station analyser for mobile service providers. The device will help service providers validate and troubleshoot 5G radio access. It has been designed to address 5G TF and 5G new radio (NR) standar­ds requirements. The principal functions and features of Cell­Advi­sor 5G are as follows:

  • Real-time spectrum and interference analysis with persistence display for FR1 and FR2.
  • 5G carrier scanner measuring carrier power up to eight wide-band carriers’ power as well as strongest beam power level and its corresponding identifier (ID).
  • 5G beam analyser assessing individual beams’ IDs, their power levels and corresponding signal to noise ratios.
  • 5G route map for coverage verification mapping, in real time, the physical cell identity and its associated beam ID together with beam strength, as well as making coverage data available for post-processing.
  • Supports massive multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) and carrier aggregation.
  • Supports wider channel bandwidth configurations (5 MHz to 100 MHz in FR1, and 100 MHz to 400 MHz in FR2).