Mellanox Technologies has launched a family of highly scalable switch platforms based on HDR 200G InfiniBand Quantum switch technology. The new family includes:

  • Quantum QM8700 – Top-of-rack 40-port 200 Gbps or 80-port 100 Gbps switch platform
  • Quantum CS8510 – Modular 200-port 200 Gbps or 400-port 100 Gbps switch platform
  • Quantum CS8500 – Modular 800-port 200 Gbps or 1,600-port 100 Gbps switch platform.

The higher switch density of the new platforms will enable customers to optimise space and power, reducing data centre expenses by four times or more and improving their performance by two times.

For departmental-scale implementation, a single Quantum QM8700 switch connects 80 servers, which is approximately 1.7 times higher than competitive products. For enterprise-scale, the company claims that a two-layered Quantum switch topology connects 3,200 servers, which is approximately 2.8 times higher than its competitors. As per the company, for hyper-scale implementation, a three-layer Quantum switch topology connects 128,000 servers, approximately 4.6 times higher than other similar products.

These data centre scaling advantages enable high performance computing, deep learning, cloud storage and other infrastructure to reduce the network equipment cost fourfold and electricity expenses twofold, while also improving the data transfer time twofold.