Honeywell has launched Cyber Watch, a breakthrough enterprise solution designed to help organisations better identify, mitigate, and manage the latest operational technology (OT) cyber threats.

Commenting on the launch, Kevin Dehoff, president and chief executive officer (CEO), Honeywell Connected Enterprise, said, “Everyone from the plant manager to the CISO is a line of defense against the next cyberattack. No company wants to be a frontpage headline as the next victim of a ransomware attack. We know hackers are lurking waiting for months or even years to strike. Our industry-leading technology, supported by Honeywell’s deep domain experience in critical infrastructure, is designed to empower leaders and workers to stop an attack before it happens, from detection to remediation to response.”

According to findings from Forrester Research in 2023, almost three-quarters of organisations reported one or more data breaches in the past 12 months. Additionally, there has been a 140 per cent year-over-year increase in attacks on industrial organisations.

Meanwhile, Chase Carpenter, chief security officer (CSO), Honeywell, said, “Understanding vulnerabilities and gaining insight at both the site and enterprise level will help enable faster and more informed decisions to better defend against cyberattacks, reduce potential downtime and create a safer environment for our employees.”

Cyber Watch, part of the Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ Suite, is being demonstrated at Honeywell Connect in October 2023, the premier software symposium for industrial companies. Attendees can also experience an enhanced version of Honeywell’s powerful Cyber Insights technology.

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ Suite is designed to uncover security weaknesses within an organisation’s OT environment by providing specific insights into vulnerabilities, configuration issues and compliance gaps at both the site and enterprise level, with the objective of improving overall resiliency.