Viavi Solutions has announced that it will showcase its lab to live test and optimisation solutions across 5G, fibre and cloud at India Mobile Congress (IMC) on October 27-29, 2023, in New Delhi.

As India becomes a 5G nation, the country has entered into the next era of technological advancement and progress creating immense opportunities. The government’s focus on creating capabilities beyond connectivity, significant policy and structural reforms and digitisation of processes on several fronts is playing a vital role in energising the country’s digital ecosystem. IMC, Asia’s telecom, media and technology event aims to bring together industry, government, academia, and other ecosystem players to deliberate, demonstrate and display the latest in technology, cultivating an environment of collaboration and truly unleash a brighter digital future.

Commenting on the announcement, Monojit Samaddar, country director, VIAVI, said, “The Indian 5G ecosystem is growing rapidly as communication service providers (CSPs) continue to expand and strengthen their network infrastructure and 5G capabilities. 5G implementation brings significant performance benefits and diversity of applications through extensive use of emerging technologies, however, as networks become increasingly dependent on disaggregated, cloud-native architectures, managing cybersecurity and cost pressures are some of the key concerns that telecom operators need to manage. At IMC this year, VIAVI will be demonstrating its end-to-end network test and optimisation solutions to help our customers, CSPs and NEMs address and manage these multi-faceted challenges.”

Unlocking the full value of 5G to maximise utilisation of assets and stay ahead of the curve, at VIAVI stand 3.46 and 3.46A, the company will showcase NITRO Wireless, a portfolio of solutions enabling all participants in the ecosystem, including equipment manufacturers, service providers, semiconductor companies, software developers and system integrators to accelerate technology development by validating performance at each stage in intelligent, intuitive and automated ways.

NITRO Wireless brings together proven performance and interoperability test platforms used throughout the industry for 3GPP and open radio access network (O-RAN) with cloud, intelligence, automation, and digital twin technology enabled by the network integrated test, real-time analytics and optimisation (NITRO) platform. As networks become more complex and layered, a focus on measuring and assuring experience from the user perspective by emulating usage scenarios modeled on real network data generates the essential intelligence to simplify the delivery of new technology. NITRO Wireless use cases include:

  • Radio access network (RAN) intelligence – The NITRO Wireless TeraVM RIC test trains the RAN intelligent controller (RIC) based on data from real network scenarios, the app validation engine (AVE) acts as an app IQ test to validate if the proposed changes improve RAN efficiency, and geolocation exposes geolocated data to r/xApps including 24*7 insights on spatial distribution and mobility dynamics of subscribers.
  • Private network intelligence – To support the high reliability and quality of service (QoS) requirements of private networks, NITRO Wireless offers signal analysis, timing and synchronisation verification, antenna alignment, fibre certification, and coverage and performance testing from design to operation.
  • Network security – 5G RAN, 5G core, secure access service edge (SASE), next generation firewalls, virtual private network (VPN) and cloud security solutions all need to be compliant against the latest specifications, while ensuring network performance remains uncompromised. NITRO Wireless Open RAN Security Solution provides test coverage that includes 3GPP subsystem computer application software (SCAS) compliance, denial of service (DoS) and fuzzing attack, O-cloud resource exhaustion, protocol validation, port scanning and open fronthaul security test.
  • Digital twin – Digital twins can reduce business risk in multiple ways. Test software updates and introduce new services in a safe environment to pre-empt failures when deployed in the live network. NITRO Wireless digital twins combine tools such as RAN and core emulators, assurance solutions, realistic traffic scenarios, and cyberthreats to mirror an operator’s network in the lab, allowing network changes and challenges to be planned and implemented with results analysed before action is taken on the live network.

In addition, VIAVI will also be showcasing its all-in-one cell site installation and maintenance test platform.

  • The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 Wireless equips field technicians and contractors with a compact instrument to install, activate and maintain all elements of the RAN, including radio frequency (RF) and fibre. OneAdvisor 800 addresses current deployment scenarios from millimetre wave networks, to mitigating uplink interference, to network timing and synchronisation, and X-haul testing with automated test processes that help close workforce skill gaps.

To explore lab to live validation, verification, visibility and monitoring solutions and experience end-to-end quality journey, where each new RAN, core, and fibre element of the 5G network is developed, visit VIAVI stand 3.46 and 3.46A during IMC, October 27-29, 2023, New Delhi.