VVDN Technologies and Axiado Corporation have announced their collaboration on a new hardware-anchored, artificial intelligence (AI) driven approach to platform security for open compute project (OCP) compliant servers. This collaboration combines VVDN’s expertise in designing and manufacturing OCP-compliant servers with Axiado’s data centre-ready secure control module (DC-SCM) and trusted control/compute unit (TCU). With this collaboration, VVDN and Axiado are reshaping the server technology landscape and ushering in a transformative era in data centre security with servers driven by Axiado’s pioneering TCUs.

Commenting on the collaboration, Puneet Agarwal, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO), VVDN Technologies, said, “VVDN is deeply committed to data centre excellence. Our relentless pursuit of advanced systems and solutions, especially in secure server design, development, and manufacturing, not only sets us apart in the Indian market but also on the global stage. This dedication is the cornerstone of our technological evolution and growth.”

The key aspects of the collaboration include:

  • OCP Summit 2023 demonstration: VVDN will demonstrate the OCP-compliant a host processor module (HPM) family powered by Axiado’s TCU.
  • VVDN’s OCP-compliant HPM family: VVDN will build a comprehensive family of HPM reference designs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) based on the OCP standard, all set to interoperate seamlessly with Axiado’s TCU technology.
  • Open radio access network (O-RAN) /telco and cloud/data centre applications: VVDN recognises an imminent market inflection point for servers in O-RAN/telco and cloud/data centre applications, aligning with Axiado’s vision.

Axiado’s partnership with VVDN is the first of many that the company plans to establish with HPM manufacturers to broaden the adoption of its hardware-anchored, AI-driven approach to platform security.

Meanwhile, Gopi Sirineni, president and CEO, Axiado, said,“Axiado is fully aligned with VVDN and with using OCP standards as an anchor for future collaboration. We are committed to forging powerful alliances with ODMs/OEMs, cloud service providers, and the entire security ecosystem, with the goal of fortifying the world’s digital infrastructure and elevating global cybersecurity to unprecedented levels.”