VVDN Technologies has announced the availability of a reliable, secure and deployment-ready end-to-end 5G enterprise solution. The private 5G solution comprises VVDN’s indigenously designed open radio access network (ORAN) radio units, customised centralised unit/distributed unit (CU/DU) and 5G core. The solution is completely designed, developed, integrated and fully tested by VVDN.

VVDN has robust production-ready radio units for private 5G networks for multiple countries and markets. VVDN has both low-power (4T4R 1 W) and mid-power (4T4R 20 W) radio units suitable for private 5G deployments. VVDN’s radio units support global requirements for band 48 citizens broadband radio service, band n78/n77 (3400 to 4100 MHz), and bandwidth up to 100 MHz, and TDD duplex mode 4T4R and 2T2R for in­door and outdoor applications. These radios are fully compliant with ORAN 7.0 and are FCC/CE certified.

The VVDN 5G radio units are pre-integrated with enterprise-grade VVDN CU/DU stack and 5G core. The solution is enabled by open standards-based architectures (ORAN), which su­pport URLLC and enhanced mobile broadband, with the ca­pability to handle dense environments required for seamless indoor coverage.

The cloud-native 5G core provides a reliable, scalable and distributed autonomous network solution, which helps mobile network operators and system integrators build their own solutions to deploy IoT, private/enterprise networks, and multi-access edge computing networks.

The private 5G solutions from VVDN have been in research and development (R&D) for the past four years. The solution has been thoroughly tested for various factors such as on-time network launch, network performance, downtime prevention and maintaining service level agreements. With high performance, security and flexibility, the solution can be adopted for complex facilities such as warehouses, manufacturing, campuses, stadiums, airports, seaports, and oil and gas.

Furthermore, VVDN plans to work with global original equipment manufacturers, telecom operators and system integrators to adopt the private enterprise wireless solution. It is already engaged with customers in the North America (the US and Cana­da), Europe, the UK, Japan, South Korea and Indian markets.