Vertiv has announced the availability of the Vertiv Geist Watch­dog 15 environmental sensor solution to enhance data centre mo­ni­toring and management in India. The self-contained environ­me­ntal monitor enhances the performance of critical IT infrastr­ucture by remotely monitoring environmental conditions in data centres, server rooms and network closet environments in real time.

The Geist Watchdog 15 monitor cost-effectively enables the monitoring of temperature, humidity, and dewpoint, along with the capacity to add four additional external plug-and-play sensors. The solution includes real-time sensor data, sensor data logging and graphing, and allows data centre managers to recei­ve alerts and notifications via email and email-to-SMS when environmental conditions exceed predefined thresholds. It is easy to install and configure with a standard web browser.

The system provides continuous visibility of a facility’s thermal state, with a robust and flexible alternative to hardwired sensors and systems. Data gathered from the sensors can be displayed through a web interface, securely accessible from any browser or mobile device. The Geist Watchdog 15 can also share data with the Vertiv Environet Alert monitoring software or other third-party systems via open protocols.