Tektronix has launched the 5 Series mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) low-profile oscilloscope for machine diagnostics and automated test (ATE) applications. According to Tektronix, the new instrument offers a best-in-class combination of channel density and performance that allows researchers and scientists to gather more accurate data and gain deeper insights into their machines while reducing test equipment space requirements.

The oscilloscope offers a number of advantages. First, it has high performance owing to the 1 GHz analog bandwidth, which ensures 6.25 GS/s sample rate on all channels and 125 M record length. It also has a higher resolution. With 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), lower noise and a high 7.6-bit effective number of bits, the 5 Series MSO Low Profile reveals more ­signal details compared to 8-bit oscilloscopes. The 12-bit ADCs ­provide 16 times the vertical resolution of traditional 8-bit ADCs, which provide a larger dynamic range.

It is also well suited for ATE applications where channel density and performance are critical. For these applications, ­engineers can start with the benchtop 5 Series MSO with its 15.6 inch high definition touchscreen for development and then seamlessly transition to the compact, rack-friendly low-profile version in manufacturing.

Lastly, while conventional benchtop oscilloscopes require six units of rack space and provide only four input channels, the 5 Series MSO Low Profile improves on the channel density by almost six times and requires only two units of rack space.