Vikram R. Singh Founder and CEO, Antier

As founder and chief executive officer (CEO) at Antier, Vikram R. Singh spearheads the company’s business strategy and growth initiatives in block­chain-enabled processes throu­gh persistent upskilling and reskilling. “Having extensive ex­pe­rience in application development, I am committed to buil­ding Antier’s stature as a world leader through a synergi­s­tic partnership with like-minded people and institutions,” says Singh.

He believes that blockchain technology has evolved into a full-grown service for businesses to simplify work, streamline processes and bring down costs. According to Singh, the upcoming trends in the blockchain sector include blockchain-as-a-service, adoption of non-fungible tokens in the mainstream, gamification of financial services, development of metaverse and financialisation of the gaming industry.

Under Singh’s leadership, Antier is focused on tapping the immense scope in metaverse development, gaming, mobile app development and custom blockchain application development. “The idea is to enable the smooth transition of enterprises from conventional technology platforms to blockchain-driven systems through rigorous research, design thinking-driven approa­ch and unmatched solutions in strategy, consulting, technology and operations,” he notes.

The company aims to expand its footprint across the globe. To this end, it is working on an exclusive decentralised finance wallet product for B2B and B2C markets. “We will go the extra mile to add more sectors and markets to our portfolio,” says Singh.

Singh finds it essential to lead the team by example and uncover the best in them. “I firmly believe that a true leader is always a responsible mentor,” he says.

A postgraduate diploma holder in computer applications with a diploma in journalism, Singh is a self-trained professional who delved into emerging technologies like metaverse and blockchain to create a niche for his company. He initially started working for a web designing company, which later started an IT magazine. In 2005, Singh founded Antech, which focused on web design and software development. In 2011, he founded Antier Solutions.

A fitness enthusiast, Singh enjoys long-route cycling, which includes 100 km or more half-marathons. “These activities keep me energetic and charged up throughout the day, improving my efficiency at work. I am also an avid reader and spend my spare time reading books of different genres,” he says. Singh’s family comprises his wife, their three children, and his mother.