Sanjay Krishna Goyal, Founder and CEO, ACL Mobile

Sanjay Krishna Goyal, a technological entrepreneur, founded ACL Mobile in 2000. His exposure and experience in building international businesses and start-ups has helped him make the company a key player in the enterprise messaging space, providing multi-channel messaging service to large and reputed enterprises.

As CEO of the company, Goyal looks after the overall development of the organisation and is also responsible for driving product launches. With the company having reached a reasonable scale now, his next targets are improving profitability and innovation in the messaging space.

Goyal believes that mobile devices are the epicentre of disruptive innovation in today’s world. Further, he feels that applications such as mobile payments, connected cars, smart homes and telemedicine are likely to witness tremendous growth over the next five years. “With connectivity reaching the last mile and devices conquering the innovation space, we see a trend towards mobile usage around internet of things and mobile payments. This is one trend that will not only bring growth on the device side, but will also fuel the entire ecosystem that combines the connectivity partner, equipment manufacturers, service facilitators and more,” he says.

Goyal considers his ability to plan his tasks well in advance and do things a bit ahead of time as his key strengths. However, he says that he is yet to get his timing right. Commenting on his management style, Goyal says, “I believe in people who work for the company. I give them space to work and a full chance to grow and perform. While it is a bit of a hands-off approach, my expectations from people are high and that is how I try to drive them. I also believe in being transparent as it builds trust within the team.”

Goyal has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas, USA. His family consists of his wife and their 12-year-old twins – a girl and a boy. His wife manages the family trust, which provides education to underprivileged children. His daughter Anya is the vice-captain of the Delhi State sub-junior girl’s soccer team. His son Anand has acted in the British movie, The Dead 2, when he was nine.

In his spare time, Goyal likes to take his children on long drives. He has recently started doing angel investing to help young entrepreneurs. He also likes to invest in international real estate, especially holiday home apartments in exotic locations.