The rapid proliferation in mobile communication networks is causing increased interference in radio signals, thereby adversely affecting customer experience. Around 71 per cent of mobile network operators are facing a regular problem of interference. Mobile users near the interference source experience degraded call success rates, increased dropped calls, decreased battery life, poor voice quality and reduced data throughput. Moreover, it is often difficult to identify the interference sources. Going forward, technology evolution, including network densification and the internet of things, will lead to an exponential growth in the number of network connections that would further exacerbate the problem. To this end, Viavi Solutions has launched an automated interference hunting solution, InterferenceAdvisor, which enables operators to anticipate and respond to these challenges, helping them optimise customer experience while managing costs.

According to the company, InterferenceAdvisor can dramatic­ally reduce the amount of time involved in locating mobile network interference sources. It includes directions and navigation capabilities and offers one of the lowest total costs of ownership amongst leading competitors. It features a lightweight and portable omni antenna, an automated interference area indication and navigation guide, voice prompts to direct the cell technician to the suspected interference location, full spectrum control, and display for detailed interference signal monitoring. These features can be managed from a Wi-Fi-enabled Android device. It also includes built-in accessories to minimise the cabling requirement.

Further, InterferenceAdvisor is easy to set up and allows an engineer to quickly and easily locate interference sources even in an urban environment. The limited resource requirement, reduced time and minimal training contribute to the low ownership cost.