On the 50th Global Anniversary, Delta Electronics has added the Ultron DPS Gen. 2 model to its family of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which now offers capacities ranging from 300-1200 kW. This latest Ultron online UPS is rated at 1000-1200 kW megawatt-scale performance with an extremely small footprint that makes the Ultron DPS UPS ideally suited for use in large and colocation data centers, where high-density performance and the associated space savings are essential for profitable operations. The Ultron DPS series is a next-generation monoblock UPS system, designed with enhanced availability, performance and manageability. Key benefits include:

Smallest footprint optimises total cost of ownership

Compared with similar products on the market, the new DPS Gen. 2 series UPS is an exceptionally competitive product with the highest power density and the smallest footprint, addressing the increasing requirements of colocation and cloud service providers. In addition, it offers a LiB ready solution that saves space and reduces risk throughout the lifecycle of the uninterruptible power system.

Electricity cost savings for large and hyper-scale data centers

Up to 8 Ultron DPS series UPSs can be paralleled to provide up to 9.6MW of power capacity to support power expansion or N+X redundancies. Featuring high power capacity and high energy efficiency, the Ultron DPS is up to 96 per cent efficient at light load conditions and achieves up to 96.5 per cent in online mode.

Preventive action minimises downtime risk and protects your investment.

The Ultron DPS series offers proactive intelligence to warn IT managers of impending failures before they occur. This reduces the risk of downtime as well as the time and expense that maintenance work involves. Advanced event analysis includes up to 10,000 event logs, and waveform capturing allows the detection of external conditions to ensure high availability.

Organisations around the world have adopted Delta’s Ultron DPS UPS for power backup and data center applications across industries such as colocation, manufacturing, semiconductors, and others.  Drawing on over 40 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in power and thermal management, Delta continues to provide large data centers and mission-critical facilities with highly efficient and reliable UPS and data center solutions.