Continued demand from businesses and consumers for increased bandwidth and 5G network rollouts mean network operators are continually upgrading their network capacity.

Service providers serving different markets are all under pressure to increase bandwidth. Mobile network operators require increased capacity connectivity to their cell sites. Business service providers also need to deliver higher capacity services to their business customers. Datacenter operators are struggling to keep up with bandwidth demand while maximising throughput per rack space.

When upgrading bandwidth, operators need to continue monitoring performance to ensure services are not impacted and there is minimal disruption to existing operations.

Skylight LX, a new small footprint 1GE or 10GE device, simplifies the daunting task of deploying higher bandwidth services anywhere in the network. The physical upgrade can be completed in minutes. Skylight orchestrator automatically manages the deployment process, with minimal impact on operations. Once the LX is installed, service providers can continue to monitor the performance of their newly deployed high bandwidth services with precision and accuracy.

Space constraints are a common challenge for operators that need to upgrade capacity. Data centers and cell sites tend to have minimal space to add new equipment. Most higher speed monitoring devices are often larger than existing smaller, lower capacity devices, making them difficult to install or requiring long and disruptive maintenance. Sometimes deploying new devices also means additional power or cooling costs which often haven’t been factored in when the site was first engineered. A simple bandwidth upgrade can represent quite a challenge due to the cost of changing network operations or integrating a new solution into the operator’s performance reporting structure.

With real estate and support infrastructure costs being at a premium, the ability to increase port density, to serve multiple customers, or to provide multiple services from a single device become key requirements. At the same time, service providers want to ensure their investment in new hardware will be future-proof and support, for example, new 5G requirements.

Skylight LX enables the delivery of services from 1GE up to 10GE with minimal disruption to existing services and operations. This service endpoint with four 1/10 GE ports comes in a small form factor that makes it easy to deploy in most environments, even where space is limited. Service providers can swap out existing lower speed devices and replace them with the higher speed LX without having to remove any other equipment. Skylight LX supports higher bandwidth services and applications with precise and granular monitoring to help service providers meet stringent customer SLAs.

Designed to fit seamlessly into existing infrastructure and operations, Skylight LX uses the same interfaces as other Accedian elements to interoperate openly with standards-based network management and analytics platforms. Skylight orchestrator automates the LX configuration, service provisioning and testing for fast service turn-up. Furthermore, LX can be easily integrated with reporting tools or Skylight performance analytics for advanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. Skylight LX is designed to support the 5G synchronisation requirements to enable the roll out of 5G-based services.