The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released recommendations on ‘Ensuring adequate numbering resources for fixed line and mobile services.’ These recommendations are aimed at freeing up underutilised numbering resources and reallocating them for future needs.

As part of its recommendations, TRAI has suggested that all data-only use SIM cards used for dongles etc. must shift from 10-digit numbering to 13-digit numbering allocated by Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for M2M communication as these SIM cards are not used for voice calls.

Further, the mobile numbering resources surrendered by operators who have closed down their wireless operations, can be re-allocated to those carriers who need them.

TRAI has also stated that vacating sparingly used fixed line numbers for allocation to mobile services will disrupt the fixed line segment which will need large scale change in numbers. Moreover, the exercise will generate numbers for a few years only.

TRAI has maintained that the present criterion of utilisation for allocation of the numbering resources should be continued.

Meanwhile, the regulatory authority has also suggested that an automated allocation of numbering resources using number management system software may be introduced to speed up the process of allocation in an efficient and transparent manner.