As per the PwC ‘Global Digital Trust Insights’ survey, over 82 per cent business executives anticipate an increase in cybersecurity budgets in the coming year. The survey says cyberattacks, resurgence of COVID-19 or a new geopolitical crisis are the top risks that businesses stay wary of.

89 per cent executives in India added that they averted a significant cyberthreat as compared to a global rate of 70per cent the survey reported. 83 per cent business executives also said that their cybersecurity team saw an improvement in the supply chain risk management.

The ‘Global Digital Trust Insights’ survey included 3,522 respondents across 65 countries. 103 executives from India took part in the survey.

According to the survey, 65 per cent of these business executives felt cybercriminals will affect their organisations more in 2023 as compared to 2022.

For India, cloud-based pathways were the biggest area of concern followed by internet of things (IoT) and thirdly, mobile phones and software supply chains. Globally, mobile phones were the most unsecured as per the business executives.