The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a consultation paper on developing a unified numbering plan for fixed-line and mobile services.

Through the consultation paper, the regulator has sought views on the need for changing the number scheme for cell-phones as well as landlines, which includes increment in the number digits from 10 to 11. The move has been undertaken to cater to the rising demand for telephone connections.

As per TRAI, the purpose of this consultation paper is to analyse the changes that affect the national numbering plan and to identify ways in which numbering resource management and allocation policy might be managed for ensuring adequate numbering resources. The issues covered are the long-term suitability of numbering plan, unified numbering plan, efficient utilisation of the numbers and an efficient allocation criterion.

The regulator has invited written comments on the consultation paper by October, 21, 2019 and counter-comments by November, 04, 2019.