The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed telcos to report outages at the district level and the steps taken to combat them within a day of occurrence. 

The regulator’s directive came after it was observed that telcos failed to report multiple incidents of major network outage occurring due to technical reasons or natural calamities. According to TRAI, it has decided to collect information about any such outage at district level to understand the root cause of major network outages and get relevant support from local authorities, if needed. 

As the directive comes into effect immediately, all incidences of major network outages affecting the telecom services for the entire district of consumers are to be reported within 24 hours of their occurrence. Adding to that, the telcos have to notify regulators of the root cause of the said outages as corrective actions are to be taken within 72 hours for the restoration of the service.