The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed telcos to ensure a time-bound registration of entities that send out bulk commercial messages to consumers.

To this end, the regulator has directed the telecom operators to ensure that registration of commercial entities and assignment of headers is done on a priority basis within seven days subject to fulfilment of formalities by concerned entities. However, it has allowed government entities easy provisional registration for now with a deadline of July 31, 2020 to regularise the same.

In 2018, the TRAI had issued rules, making it mandatory for telcos to seek subscriber consent for receiving unwanted calls or text messages from telemarketers.

In its recent statement, TRAI has said that incidents have come up wherein that telecom service providers (TSP) are taking too much time for registration of these principal entities and assigning headers, resulting in disruption in sending of commercial text messages. The sector regulator added that many government entities are also not being able to send commercial SMSs as they are unable to get their headers registered with the telcos. To this end, TRAI asked operators to ensure registration of such principal entities on a priority basis.