During a meeting of the district telecom committee, chaired by Nishant Yadav, deputy commissioner, Gurugram, it has been decided that the telecom companies will soon be allowed to set up mobile phone towers on government buildings and land across the city. This move is aimed at helping in reducing the number of complaints against mobile towers from residential areas and generating additional revenue for the government.

To this end, the city magistrate has been asked to prepare a list of government buildings and sites and share it with the telecom companies. In addition, the committee has also directed the telecom companies to submit the details of all mobile phone towers in the city within a week, after which the municipal corporation of Gurugram will check how many of them are legal. The telecom operators have three months to get their unauthorised towers regularised.

As per a rough estimate, Gurugram has around 2,000 mobile towers and applications for over 700 more are currently pending with the district administration. The license fee for a mobile phone tower is around Rs 100,000 per year.