As XGS-PON deployment becomes more widespread, service providers must empower their technicians with test tools to quickly verify physical and service quality – and ensure that service activation is done right the first time.

The VIAVI Solutions Network and Service Companion (NSC-100) meets these challenges by simply testing everything everywhere – fiber (GPON and now XGS-PON), Ethernet and WiFi.

The NSC-100 verifies the true customer experience and the physical network layer, integrating multiple solutions in one easy to use handheld instrument. The VIAVI Test Process Automation Suite ties all the tests for a job to a specific work order in a single report.

Key Functions

  • Simplify the closeout test process and analysis for techs of all skill levels with one-button, one-screen tests, all run under 1 minute.
  • Prevent customer complaints and find the root cause of issues by testing at every access point (GPON, XGS-PON, Ethernet, WiFi) for a clear and fast demarcation – the way your customer experiences it.
  • Optimise WiFi coverage and performance; educate end users with simple room-by-room analysis. Get network improvement recommendations when performance is below expectation.