HFCL Limited, has launched India’s first 2 Gbps unlicensed band radio (UBR) and unified cloud network management system (UcNMS) at the India Mobile Congress 2023.

HFCL’s 2 Gbps UBR is indigenously designed and developed to revolutionise last-mile wireless connectivity and bridge the digital divide challenge in the country with fibre-like speeds and efficient spectrum utilisation, with its adaptive radio frequency (RF) technology. Marking a significant leap in offering 5G backhauling and carrier grade enterprise wireless connectivity, the launch of Make-in-India 2 Gbps UBR positions HFCL as a dominant player in the growing Indian and global UBR market. This innovative product offers a low-latency, 2 Gbps connectivity solution which can operate across an extended 5GHz frequency range. It is designed for easy installation, effortless management, high reliability and has advanced security features to protect from external threat vectors. Further, in comparison to traditional backhaul solutions, 5G wireless backhauling with 2 Gbps UBR will enable HFCL’s customers to save up to 75 per cent on the total cost of ownership (TCO).

In tandem, HFCL has also launched its UcNMS to offer easy management and monitoring of its 2 Gbps UBR and other wireless and wireline products in its portfolio. The  artificial intelligence (AI)-powered UcNMS is designed to control, monitor and manage access points, switches and UBR devices. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution which also creates customised ecosystem, tailored for seamless third-party integration via open application programming interface (APIs). HFCL’s UcNMS offers AI-based predictive analysis that can anticipate problems and suggest troubleshooting steps to avoid network interruptions. UcNMS facilitates network management and application control, allowing telcos and enterprise customers to seamlessly integrate and adapt to the needs of their customers’ requirements. UcNMS is highly flexible and scalable, allowing customers to deploy it basis the size and architecture of their network. It offers on-premise, private as well public cloud deployment models.

With consumers and enterprises increasingly adopting digital processes, the demand for high-capacity wireless connectivity has been growing exponentially. The market potential for 2 Gbps fixed wireless solution is poised for significant growth fueled by industrial internet of things (IoT), smart cities and public safety sectors. Additionally, industries like banking, healthcare, mining, education, hospitality and retail among others are also poised for a revolution in the backdrop of solutions such as these.