Rohde & Schwarz has launched the R&S AREG100A automotive radar echo generator, which is used specifically for the final test and inspection of original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1 production lines. The R&S AREG100A generator is a customised solution used in production lines. It tests radar sensors in the 24 GHz industrial scientific medical (ISM) band and the 77 GHz/79 GHz E-band in a reliable manner. It simulates echoes of up to four artificial target objects at fixed distances. User-configurable doppler offsets can be applied to simulate radial movement of the objects. The generator is a future-proof solution for testing advanced long-range and short-range radars. It supports bandwidths of up to 4 GHz in the E-band and can simulate objects at a minimum distance of 4 metres if the distance between the front end and the device under test is 80 cm. With this approach, the company offers a high degree of test flexibility. The generator also provides calibrated input and output ports in the intermediate frequency band. The immunity of the sensors to interference signals can be checked with a connected radio frequency signal generator. The occupied bandwidth and emissions can be measured easily and conveniently with a connected signal and spectrum analyser. The total radiated power (equivalent isotropic radiated power) can be determined precisely using a connected power meter. For high reproducibility of the described test solutions, R&S offers an anechoic test chamber featuring exceptional compactness without compromising on shielding.