Huawei has launched FusionCloud 6.3, a cloud solution that facilitates the digital transformation of enterprises. It is the first full-stack cloud service oriented to a range of industries. The solution’s architecture is based on “one cloud, one lake, and one platform” to help enterprises accelerate cloud migration of their businesses.

One cloud integrates unified infrastructure, management and services into shared resource pools to drive efficiency and agility. The private cloud solution utilises technology stacks based on software-hardware synergy to provide high performance cloud services. It offers the largest number of full-stack cloud services in the industry, with more than 40 services in the IaaS, PaaS and DaaS layers. The solution leverages innovative technologies including bare metal, GPU enhancement and SAP HANA cloud host services to meet the key requirements of moving core enterprise applications to the cloud. FusionCloud 6.3 provides heterogeneous computing services (GPUs + CPUs) based on Huawei’s Atlas heterogeneous computing platform.

FusionCloud 6.3 comprises one data lake, which provides full life cycle processing capabilities starting from data collection, storage, computing, management, to data aggregation and utilisation, helping customers convert data resources into data assets. It also provides big data analysis as per the situation.

Finally, one platform is an application-enabling platform that integrates basic data services, general-purpose middle-ware and industry middleware to enable customers and industry-independent software vendors (ISVs) to quickly innovate services based on multiple types of middleware. FusionCloud 6.3 uses the cloud service catalogs (CSCs) to integrate third-party applications, empower ISV applications with service-driven access and quickly adapt to scenario-specific service requirements, offering an innovation ecosystem for enterprises.