VIAVI Solutions has unveiled new cellular internet of things (CIoT) testing capabilities, which is an addition to its TeraVM solution. This would enable operators, vendors and service providers to test and future-proof their networks for the development and commercialisation of IoT.

The TeraVM virtual radio access network (vRAN) CIoT module can emulate over 16 million IoT devices via narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and CAT-M connections in a fully virtualised environment. This allows users to test the ability of their networks to support the huge array of current and potential connected IoT end points and at the same time deliver consistent and reliable connectivity for traditional mobile voice and data services.

This module is part of VIAVI Solutions’ 3GPP-compliant RANtoCore end-to-end test platform, which validates networking performance from the RAN to the core via the mobile edge. This provides users with a single platform that covers 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G traffic scenarios thereby helping service providers in determining  problems, protecting mission-critical services and planning for the next wireless core upgrade.

TeraVM’s CIoT support addresses the key challenges faced by operators and internet service providers. TeraVM also offers a scalable, automated and cost-effective solution by matching and predicting these scenarios in a cloud environment.

This approach would allow users to future-proof their networks, to identify and address potential issues with their infrastructure, to create a viable foundation for the development of IoT and eventually the deployment of 5G.