Mellanox Technologies has introduced new BlueField-based BF1600 and BF1700 storage controllers. These controllers offer ultra-high performance for Ethernet Storage Fabric, along with efficiency and programmable virtualisation for non-volatile memory express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF). These controllers also empower the customers to build and deploy the world’s fastest and most flexible storage solutions. The BlueField storage controllers deliver over 4 million input-output operations per second with NVMe-oF, up to 200 Gbps of network and peripheral component express bandwidth, and network ports congiguration as Ethernet or InfiniBand. They also provide the performance for NVMe over RDMA RoCE, InfiniBand, and transmission control protocol or internet protocol. Further, they include smart offloads for storage including NVMe-oF, erasure coding and T10-data integrity field (T10-DIF). The BlueField system on a chip  integrates the ConnectX-5 network adapter with 16 64-bit ARM cores to create a fully programmable environment for storage software. These controllers improve the performance and efficiency of Ethernet Storage Fabric and also extend its capabilities. In addition, they support the advanced InfiniBand-based storage solutions. These BlueField storage controllers integrate flash connectivity, networking, and ARM processors to maximise performance and efficiency, and also eliminate the need for a separate CPU in storage and hyperconverged appliances.