Huawei has launched the next-generation universal transport solution for smart grids. In this regard, Huawei and Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited provided a comprehensive analysis of the key factors in the construction of the power communications network. These included power transmission and transformation service bearing, backbone communications capability building, network infrastructure resource monetisation and a profit-making business model.

The universal transport solution integrates the optical transport network (OTN), synchronous digital hierarchy, packet, pulse code modulation and other technologies based on the multiple service optical transport network (MS-OTN) architecture in order to help electric power companies develop simple, future-oriented networks with continuous value growth. A single wavelength can reach 100 Gbps or 200 Gbps, and a pair of optical fibres can deliver an ultra-large bandwidth of 20 terabytes. The solution enables power transmission bearer networks to allow unified access of multiple services from backbone networks and access devices, thus simplifying networks and unifying devices.

Further, this solution meets the bandwidth requirements of smart grid informatisation and digitalisation, and revitalises network infrastructure resources for continuous business value growth.