Keysight Technologies has announced the launch of the Keysight MX0100A InfiniiMax micro probe head. This is the industry’s smallest solder-in probe head for high performance oscilloscopes, optimised for modern high speed devices. The probe head provides high density, small geometry solutions for probing modern electronic technologies to analyse and measure signals without interference. The device can be used with the company’s InfiniiMax I/II probe amplifiers and is designed to access small geometry target devices. Its lead wires can be adjusted to accommodate targets from 0 mm to 7 mm. When used in conjunction with Keysight’s 1169B 12 GHz InfiniiMax II probe amplifier, the MX0100A probe head delivers up to 12 GHz bandwidth. It offers probe loading performance of 0.17 pF, 50k. In addition, the low input capacitance of the MX0100A minimises the probe loading effect and maximises signal integrity while measuring high speed signals.