According to a report by Bank of America (BofA), Reliance Jio’s success as a digital company will depend on gaining traction and monetising over 25 of its applications. Further, the agency believes that the MyJio App can potentially emerge as a ‘Super app’, providing access to all consumer services that Jio is venturing in.

As per BoFA, Reliance Jio’s recent partnership with Facebook can accelerate traction on the Jio app ecosystem.

The report highlighted that MyJio currently has 13.2 million daily active users. The platform provides a bouquet of offerings including recharges, games, music, OTT content, e-commerce, payments, etc.

As per BoFA, subscription model should be looked at as the primary model for monetization of the platform since advertising revenues are low in India.

Meanwhile, BoFA also noted that after the 1.15 per cent stake sale to Silver Lake, there is still scope for additional 8 per cent stake sale in Jio.