Pawan Anand, Director and Engagement Partner, Communications, Media, and Entertainment, Ascendion

Pawan Anand, a seasoned professional, began his career as a business analyst. He then took a transcontinental leap and re­located to the US, where he ass­um­ed various roles in progra­mme management and business development. He later served as an engagement leader at Cog­ni­zant before finally joining Asc­en­dion, where he is currently the director and engagement pa­rt­ner for the communicatio­ns, media and entertainment vertical.

His most memorable assignment was spearheading the multi-tier, complex technological implementation of a cutting-edge programme for one of the largest telecom organisations in the US. “What excited me about this role was the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the industry,” he says.

In his current role at Ascendion, he oversees client relationships, engagements, business development and sales. By leveraging the company’s diverse range of technology and service offerings including platform engineering data, insights and artificial intelligence (AI), cloud engineering and more, Anand assists clients in finding solutions tailored to their specific needs. His deep understanding of the industry and the evolving landscape allows him to use cutting-edge technology solutions that have a positive impact on clients’ operations and outcomes.

Anand foresees great opportunities in the integration of digital technologies with telecom solutions. He believes that the advent of internet of things (IoT), edge computing and AI bring nuanced offerings, enhanced personalisation, and elevated customer experiences. He adds, “The deployment of 5G network has provided a platform to reshape connectivity and usher in accelerated network speeds at low latency, thereby unlocking the potential for other digital solutions like IoT, and facilitating remote working opportunities.”

Anand is a keen learner and is always eager to expand his knowledge and skills. In terms of management style, he prioritises supporting and empowering his team, as well as fostering open communication, thereby promoting their growth. He believes in leading by example, offering guidance and supporting his team.

Anand holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. He loves to travel and experience new places, cultures and cuisines. His leisure time he likes to spend time with his family or play a variety of sports such as cricket, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. His family comprises his parents, wife and two sons.