Sriram P.H. CEO and Co-Founder, DaveAI

Sriram P.H. is chief executive officer (CEO) and co-fo­under of DaveAI, who takes the lead in establishing the company’s stra­tegic direction, developing best procedures to encourage in­novation and ensuring the platform’s smooth operation. He works very closely with his fellow founder, Dr Ananth, who lea­ds technology to develop DaveAI’s capabilities.

Throughout his career, Sriram held various leadership positions at software firms, where he concentrated on fostering in­no­vation and building business relationships. His passion for customer-centric solutions, combined with a strong founding team, inspired him to co-found DaveAI.

At DaveAI, Sriram supports a participative and inclusive management approach. He believes it is important to give team members the freedom to think freely and take responsibility for their contributions. His approach to guiding DaveAI towards shared goals is centred on transparency, open communication and a common vision.

Sriram’s greatest expertise lies in envisioning innovative solutions and converting them into actionable strategies, which gives him a better perspective to foresee novel alternatives and turn them into workable plans. When asked about the company’s prospects, he says, “The incredible opportunities that lie ahead in the field of virtual sales encounters excite us much here at DaveAI. Our vision is to democratise artificial intelligence (AI) and leverage this technology to reinvent customer interaction and sales experiences.”

“Digital avatars, chatbots and experiences powered by AI will probably be more incorporated into sales processes. AI-powered experiences provided by platforms such as DaveAI will enable immersive and personalised customer experience. The emphasis placed on data protection, security and blending of online and offline experiences will have an impact on the industry’s future course,” he adds.

Speaking about DaveAI’s accomplishment that stands out in his mind, Sriram says, “One of the most satisfying accom­plish­me­­nts was seeing how DaveAI af­f­ected a client’s sales success. Th­­eir consumer engagement and conversion rates significantly increa­sed, thanks to our technology.”

Sriram holds a B.Tech. from An­­na University as well as an MBA from ICFAI Business School.

When he is not working, he enjoys playing tennis, travelling and spending time with his daughter. Besides his daughter, his family comprises his wife, who heads marketing for a fin­an­cial technology product.