As per filings made by Oppo and Vivo, the combined sales of the two brands grew by 67 per cent to Rs 387.26 billion in the year ended March 2019. Together, the brands have pushed BBK Electronics Corp’s India revenue to Rs 400 billion during its fifth year of operation in the Indian market.

Oppo’s sales witnessed a growth of 80 per cent and stood at Rs 215.24 billion on a standalone basis. Meanwhile, Vivo’s sales grew by 54 per cent and stood at Rs 172.01 billion in the fiscal year (FY) 2018-19. In 2017-18, their combined revenue was Rs 231.48 billion, which made BBK Electronics the second largest smartphone maker in India, leaving behind Xiaomi whose revenue stood at Rs 230.6 billion.

However, as per the filings, the combined loss of Oppo and Vivo went up by 47 per cent to Rs 7.07 billion in FY19. While net losses for Oppo went up by 93 per cent to Rs 6.88 billion, Vivo managed to reduce net losses to Rs 191 million from Rs 1.24 billion earlier.