A report published by LocalCircles showed that one out of four mobile connection subscribers in India, who switched their number to a different mobile service provider in the last 24 month, struggled with the process. Whereas, only 47 per cent of the consumers found the porting process to be easy. According to the report, 11 per cent of the consumers found the process to be very difficult and 14 per cent found it quite difficult. Moreover, about 23 per cent of the respondents added that the process neither difficult nor easy while 29 per cent found it quite easy and 18 per cent said porting was very easy.

Meanwhile, the report was based on the responses received from more than 23,000 citizens across 311 districts of India. Out of those, 44 per cent of respondents were from tier 1 cities, while 32 per cent from tier 2 cities and 24 per cent of respondents from tier 3, 4 cities and rural districts. The report added that based on the survey, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) needs to work with operators to make mobile number portability (MNP) more subscriber-friendly.