NuRe Bharat Network, a joint venture consortium led by 3i Infotech Limited, has partnered with RailTel Corporation of India Limited to launch the mobile app “PIPOnet”. Through this, RailTel aims to monetise its public Wi-Fi across the Indian Railway network.

PIPOnet, facilitating the captive Wi-Fi portal will have a four-step process for Wi-Fi connectivity. With an average of four to five touchpoints for Wi-Fi access, the platform will be able to generate over 180 million monthly page views and more than 500 million impressions monthly, thereby providing advertisers with a mega platform to proliferate deep into the Indian populace and offer their services.

The PIPOnet App will help users with integrated services including e-ticketing, travel and stay reservations, porter booking, music, infotainment, edutainment, over-the-top (OTT) channels and various helpline services. PIPOnet will also provide an e-commerce platform for artisans to sell their wares across India. The initiative sights the need and advantages of connecting all large, medium, and small advertisers across the country to connect with the population. Onboarding PIPOnet will allow advertisers to connect with people across rural, semi-urban and urban cities. The advertisers will get a multitude of options for their ads including display banner ads, video banner ads, interstitial ads, and carousel ads in multiple dimensions and formats.

Additionally, NuRe Bharat Network through its artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)-based data analytics capabilities will also provide deep dissected analysis of the viewers’ demography and preference profile. Advertisers will also be able to execute targeted communication in English and eight regional languages to reach specific audiences across the demography. Also, integrated with leading supply-side platforms (SSPs) and ad networks for programmatic guarantee, direct, and real-time bidding, the application will offer advertisers an opportunity to host programmatic ads.

According to NuRe Bharat, with the launch of its network, Wi-Fi access will be secured which will further facilitate services such as healthcare, education and more to the Indian populace. Especially in tier 3 and 4 towns, the company aims to provide access to democratised internet.