Nokia has launched a software-based upgrade for its 4G/LTE radios which will enable them to be seamlessly migrated to 5G/NR.

This solution will help Nokia to streamline the process of refarming 4G/LTE spectrum into 5G/NR.

While till now, a majority of 5G/NR deployments have been carried with TDD cmWave and TDD mmWave, the next round of 5G/NR rollouts will be delivered by refarming existing FDD bands to 5G/NR.

The software-based upgrade comes with a host of benefits such as seamless deployment of 5G/NR FDD and avoiding disruptive site visits.

As per Nokia, the software-based upgrade solution will help the telecoms industry save any potential costs and communication service providers (CSPs) will be able to upgrade their networks to 5G/NR on FDD with software.