Nokia has launched an edge cloud data centre solution to meet the stringent and diverse low-latency data processing demands of cloud RAN and advanced applications for consumers and industries. The Nokia AirFrame open edge cloud infrastructure expands the Nokia AirFrame portfolio to deliver a layered network architecture that optimises performance and operator costs as operators evolve their networks and prepare for 5G.

Designed in an ultra-compact size for deployment even at base station sites, the Nokia AirFrame openedge server will meet the most stringent end-customer data demands. The hardware solution is complemented with a real-time open platform for network function virtualisation (OPNFV)-compatible OpenStack-distribution built to run in small data centres while providing the performance and low latency required by the edge environment.

According to Nokia, the AirFrame open edge cloud infrastructure has been developed for the 5G era, which will create opportunities for operators to support advanced applications for consumers and industries, such as virtual and augmented reality video and real-time industry automation. In order to balance costs and functionality, 5G will encourage operators to implement layered cloud architecture. This will include centralised and regional data centres as well as high-processing capabilities deployed at the network edge – closer to where traffic is generated and where space is traditionally limited.