Tektronix has launched the Keithley DMM6500 6½-digit bench/system digital multimeter and DAQ6510 data acquisition and logging multimeter system. These new instruments feature a touchscreen interface for easy and faster test set-up, and easy monitoring and display with the power of 15 different measurement functions, wide measurement ranges, multichannel measurements, and class-leading accuracy and sensitivity.

The DMM6500 supports 15 different types of measurements including capacitance, digitising voltage or current waveforms, and temperature from thermocouples, thermistors, and resistance temperature detectors. Waveforms and transients can be captured with the 1 Msample per second, 16-bit digitiser so that more measurements can be performed with one instrument and engineers can study more complex load current profiles from wireless devices such as internet of things devices.

According to Tektronix, the DMM6500 has class-leading sensitivity to help design engineers make measurements on low power products. DC current sensitivity is 10pA and resistance sensitivity is 1µ. It has an outstanding accuracy, rated at 0.0025 per cent for one year and includes two-year specifications for longer calibration cycles and lower cost of ownership. The touchscreen display simplifies instrument set-up with readily accessible swipe screens and minimised menu depth for fast, in-depth data analysis with “pinch and zoom” simplicity. Touchscreen cursors make it easy for designers to characterise measurements with statistical data such as peaks, average, minimum values and standard deviation over portions of a waveform or over the whole waveform. Up to 7 million readings can be stored in the DMM, the most in the industry for this class of instrument.

The DAQ6510 addresses the needs of environmental test, failure analysis and quality control engineers who need to quickly set up tests on a statistically significant sample of products. With its touchscreen display, the DAQ6510 simplifies setting up, execution, monitoring as well as analysis of multichannel measurement systems, which can now be completely set up from a single display.

To test a statistically significant number of devices, the DAQ6510 can be combined with 7700-series plug-in switch modules to test as many as 80 devices in one test system. With 12 plug-in switch modules including multiplexers, multiplexers with cold junction compensation for thermocouple temperature measurements, a matrix switch module, a control module, digital I/O mo­dule and GHz switch modules, the DAQ6510 delivers the flexibility to build nearly any type of multichannel test system.

The DAQ6510 has the same interfaces and test script processing capability as the DMM6500 to give engineers the ability to select the optimum interface, and to customise instrument measurements and displays. For test engineers who prefer using a PC, setting up an automated test is greatly simplified with the new KickStart 2.0 coding-free instrument control software. Both a DMM control application and a data acquisition and logging application are available.