Keysight Technologies has showcased new test and mea­surement products in­clu­­ding the 16860A Series portable logic analyzers, Infinii­um V-Series oscillo­­scope and the CX3300 Series device current waveform analyzer. Fur­ther, it has announced upgradations to some of its existing producers such as FieldFox real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA); E7515A UXM wireless test set; 5G channel sounding reference solution; and 5G waveform generation and analysis test bed reference solution at its recently held annual event.

The 16860A Series provides customers with an insight to solve their digital debug challenges. The state and timing with deep memory features of the product capture most of the system activity (up to 128 Mb) at the highest resolution to identify the root cause of a problem and symptom widely separated in time. In addition, its signal integrity quickly identifies problem signals with simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels. Moreover, users can customise the system for their specific needs with a comprehensive set of probing options and application-specific software. It is upgradable according to the customer’s needs in the future. The Infiniium V-Series Oscilloscope has a bandwidth upgradability of up to 33 GHz. It maximises eye height measurements with the least amount of noise contribution from the oscilloscope. Moreover, customers can debug some of their most difficult designs with the new product.

The CX3300 series of device current waveform analyzers visualise low-level current waveforms previously immeasurable or undetectable. They measure from 100 pA level dynamic current up to 10 A, with a maximum of 200 MHz bandwidth. In addition, the wide bandwidth and high speed acquisition enables users to measure high speed pulse response even less than 100 ns. The 14.1 inch touch panel-based display and familiar user interface of the product help save the customer’s time. With these features, the CX3300 Series accelerates the test and measurement efficiency and provides in-depth insights for research and development. The FieldFox RTSA captures signals in real time, carries one integrated and lightweight unit (7.1 lb) and can detect small signals once masked by stronger signals. The E7515A UXM wireless test set ensures that LTE/LTE-Advanced devices can achieve and sustain maximum data rates of up to 1 Gbps DL, 100 Mbps UL. The 5G channel sounding reference solution characterises 5G mm wave frequencies with metrology grade test equipment that supports ultra-wide bandwidth and multiple input multiple output (MIMO). In addition, it facilitates accurate measurements with system-wide calibrations, precise timing and synchronisation. The 5G waveform generation and analysis test-bed reference solution generates and analyses candidate waveforms with flexibility to adapt test solutions as 5G evolves. It has scalable modulation bandwidths and frequency bands, and supports many topologies for transmitter/receiver testing. In addition, it has an independent reference to debug and validate hardware performance.