Cobham Wireless has announced the launch of the TeraVM cybersecurity threat analysis solution. This enables operators to validate their security status with the rigorous testing of infrastructure against the latest and most prevalent security threats. With the help of cyber threat intelligence gathered from its extensive cybersecurity database, TeraVM accurately emulates techniques used by cybercriminals to attack the infrastructure of some of the world’s largest communications providers.

TeraVM is a market-proven solution that simulates both malicious and legitimate traffic to validate and secure the network with real-world scenario testing.

The sophistication of modern security attacks means that simply testing next-generation firewalls against perceived threats is no longer adequate to ensure network resiliency. The solutions deployed by operators to protect their infrastructure and subscriber data must be thoroughly examined throughout the network life cycle against new hacking techniques. This must then be performed against a backdrop of emulated network application traffic so as to guarantee the effectiveness of infrastructure in real-world scenarios.

Cybersecurity threat analysis is offered as a part of Cobham Wireless market-leading TeraVM application and security emulation solution. The application can scale up to terabits per second of application traffic and is currently used by the world’s largest service providers. TeraVM provides threat simulation under an elastic deployment model by leveraging a fully virtualised solution used on industry-standard hardware platforms.