According to a report by OpenSignal, Reliance Jio topped the 5G download speed index in India with 315.3 Mbps. Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel was the leader in 5G upload speeds at an average of 23.9 Mbps, higher than Jio by 5.9 Mbps. However, with regard to average overall upload speeds, Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi) won the upload speed experience award with 5 Mbps, just 0.3 Mbps ahead of Airtel.

As per the report, Jio was the outright winner of both the download speed experience and 5G download speed awards, with scores of 22.5 Mbps and 315.3 Mbps, respectively. In both categories, Jio won by large margins. The average overall download speeds of Jio users were 4.5Mbps (24.7 per cent) faster than those seen by Airtel users while Jio’s 5G download speed score was 54.1Mbps (20.7 per cent) higher than second-placed Airtel. Jio users also spend the greatest proportion of time connected to mobile broadband services. 

Further, Airtel users observed the best quality of experience while streaming videos, playing multiplayer mobile games and using over-the-top (OTT) voice services on mobile voice apps with 5G in India. Airtel also topped in video and voice app and jointly won the games experience award alongside Vi. Airtel’s 5G video experience score rates as very good (68-78), higher than its good (58-68) rating for overall video experience.