Reliance Jio is planning to strategically partner with the Institute of Liver and Biliary Science (ILBS) to use the telco’s 5G standalone (SA) network to provide impetus to healthcare technologies for various use cases. Jio’s ‘True 5G’ service combined with low latency is believed to facilitate new use cases in the field of healthcare such as robotics-based treatment or surgery, remote ICU, ICU Ambulance, community clinics, and more.

According to Reliance Industries, one of Jio’s True 5G mission is to enable quality healthcare for each and every Indian. As 5G is pegged to be a low-latency technology, it will not only enhance the existing technologies but will also bring to life new use cases in the field of healthcare, such as robotics–based treatment and surgery, facilitating remote ICU and ICU ambulance, community clinics and more.  As per the operator, the partnership will enable the most advanced healthcare technologies for cutting-edge breakthroughs in the field of healthcare.