Ixia has launched a 400 GE test system with multi rate 200/100/50 GE speed options for the K400 400 GE QSFP-DD load module family. These multi rate speed options allow network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) to test products at speeds based on the new IEEE 802.3cd draft standard and IEEE 802.3bs standard using the 400 GE QSFP-DD module at 200 GE, 100 GE and 50 GE speeds, from a single port.

56 Gbps technology is at the forefront of Ethernet speed evolution, moving from the legacy 25 GE, 50 GE, and 100 GE interfaces (based on 28 Gbps technology) to the new 200 GE, 100 GE and 50 GE interfaces expected to come to the market this year. The Ixia K400 QSFP-DD load module is the only shipping test solution that can validate these technologies using the 400 GE port, fan-out media to deliver a future-proof platform for testing 400 GE, 200 GE, 100 GE or 50 GE multi speed or single-speed network devices.